The Flying Fish X V.A. – THE GREATEST HITS

Last months I have been jamming with different artists and The Flying Fish that resulted in this tape. For tonight and tomorrows presentation at Zaal100 and Green Tribe you can buy a piece or check it out on bandcamp. Artists: SPACEBEEST & KAVIA, Ada Rave, BAHK, Henrietta Mueller, HellAsh, Johanna Monk, Fra Zedde, SitbQ, Paralodia, Aver Ulna Cecum.

Prototype 2, Components

connectorblock explanation:
top 1: slider1 (0-9v out)
top 2: slider2 (0-9v out)
top 3: slider3 (0-9v out)
top 4: switch1 (0-9v or 0-5v out)
side 5: switch2 (0-9v or 0-5v out)
side 6: switch3 (0-9v or 0-5v out)
side 7: pot1 (0-9sc out)
side 8: pot2 (0-9sc out)
side 9: touch (0-9v or 0-5v out)
top 10: bottom slider1 (0-9v out)
bottom 11: bottom button (0-5v out)
bottom 12: ext1 (not connected, for extensions)
bottum 13: ext2 (not connected, for extensions)
bottum 14: ext3 (not connected, for extensions)

From left to right:
– Multiple (Multiply from 1 in to 2 outputs)
– Bias (Offset + Attenuation)
– Slidestage (Gives a gate signal on end of the slider)
– Mutemix (You can switch on and of the 3 inputs for the sum-output)

Use Interface PCB

Connect the battery clip to the 9v battery

Faders -> Attverter input -> output = 5v CV signal

Pots -> POT1 & POT2 mono jack outputs = 9v CV signal

Buttons -> SW1 & SW2 jack outputs = 5v or 9v GATE signal (depending on the jumper settings SV4 & SV8)

GATE2TRIG Module: Gate signal input, trigger output. (rise and fall of button), leds show what is happening. (Gate output = filtered gate signal, depending on the jumper setting on the back)
purpose: to control these types of modules with the buttons: drums, envelope triggers, sequencers etc.

BIAS Module: CV signal input -> conditioned signal output (pos or neg)
bug: channel 2 outputs are swapped, so negative output = OUTPUT1 instead of OUTPUT2
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