This project aims to develop a new electronic musical instrument called `The Flying Fish`. The instrument makes it possible, without the addition of air pressure or acoustic sound, to play electronic music. For the instrument a new application is being developed in the field of eurorack modular synthesizers. This application is completely analog and is controlled by a trumpet interface that allows convenient volume changes, generate overtones, tone changes, etcetera, by sending control voltages and gates/triggers. The project is being realized by a collaboration between experimentalist and musician Frank Schouten, audiovisual machine designer Martijn Verhallen, and creative coder Joelle Galloni. This new instrument enables the musician of electronic music to give more virtuosity and expression to music making. This project also provides the artistic basis for musicians interested in further developments of likeminded projects. 

The eurorack modular synthesizer features multiple patch cables, knobs, sliders and switches that are operated with two hands. This means that you are limited to two manipulations per moment, which slows down making music. Due to this limitation, most people working with modular synthesizers use "automation / patch cords" to run more than two functions at the same time. To be less dependent on automation we came up with the idea of the trumpet interface. What makes it possible to focus on physical, fast and musical changes of the eurorack modular system, where you can control more than two manipulations per moment. To build this new musical instrument, speed, overtones, hyperreality, synthesis, water and electricity play a key role. To make this more appealing, we came up with a metaphor of a fish that comes out of the water. The flying fish plays with the reality in which it surrounds itself with.

Electric current can be seen as water which is something earthy and tangible, it is also the liquid of it´s body controlled by passions, it is the blood and the bloodlust, the scent of the animal and the heavily passionate physicality. The sea of electricity, the hidden, deep within all rocks, stars and atoms. The mind gives the freedom, a floating above the depth, a liberation from the prison of the earthly. To embrace independence and liberation in the moment we want to embrace the prison of the earthly transcend. A fantasy world that expresses the schizophrenic relationship between electricity, or the current and the mind. The game of the flying fish that comes out of the water in a sea of electricity, as it is, and flies for a moment. A reality that fades repetition and logic and an invisible ray to all imagination. The flying fish figure plays with two states, dream and reality, which seem so contradictory, in a kind of absolute reality, a hyperreality if you can put it that way. This project embodies the quest for this hyper-reality that the sound involves. The liberating factor in this form of music-making is not aimed at standards within music theory, but from an abstract and free improvised form driven by a trumpet interface.
Beta Testing / DIY 
All people involved in this project have a strong relation to the diy, noise, trash and improvisation scene around the world. For this project Frank Schouten will visit different musicians to test and play with the instrument. All the events will be recorded and shared on this website and via our Instagram and Facebook accounts to improve the technique and possibilities of the instrument. All technical information will also be shared.   
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