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To test the second and third prototype Frank Schouten will exchange musical and technical ideas with different artists. The Exchange will be shared in videos on Instagram. Parts of the exchanges will be recorded and put on tape for the presentation of The Flying Fish.

Prototype 2, Housing

3X Small and bigpipes with a trompetspring inside for the right pressure on the valves. The Flying Fish is powered by a 9v battery.

Prototype 2, Components

connectorblock explanation:top 1: slider1 (0-9v out) top 2: slider2 (0-9v out) top 3: slider3 (0-9v out) top 4: switch1 (0-9v or 0-5v out) side 5: switch2 (0-9v or 0-5v out) side 6: switch3 (0-9v or 0-5v out) side 7: pot1 (0-9sc out) side 8: pot2 (0-9sc out) side 9: touch (0-9v or 0-5v out) top … Lees verder “Prototype 2, Components”

The Panel

Panel: Dual Gate2Trig (8HP), AttVert2 (from 5v to -5 and +5) Bias + offset

Use Interface PCB

Connect the battery clip to the 9v battery Faders -> Attverter input -> output = 5v CV signal Pots -> POT1 & POT2 mono jack outputs = 9v CV signal Buttons -> SW1 & SW2 jack outputs = 5v or 9v GATE signal (depending on the jumper settings SV4 & SV8) GATE2TRIG Module: Gate signal … Lees verder “Use Interface PCB”


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